To An Unknown Lover – A Poem by Rowe Williams

A sphere 
projected into two dimensions 
appears as a circle 
no matter its orientation. 
And in this circle, only the center 
point is accurately portrayed, 
as all other points are weighted less 
in comparison. 
The circle is not the sphere. 

What is the shape of a soul? 
How many dimensions does it possess? 
I would share mine with you 
if I could. 
But all I can give 
are these linguistic projections 
that are not my soul 
and that only vaguely hint at its existence 
or occasionally resemble its shape. 

I barely know you. 
I want to reach out and feel you 
but your skin gets in the way. 

I would share my soul with you if I could. 
But would you take it? 

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