That Which Has Loved Me – A Poem by Rowe Williams

I have a friend who believes 
the central axiom of the universe, 
of life, 
of existence, 
is truth. 

In this interpretation, 
the universe is a vessel 
for the realization and actualization 
of truth. 
And life ought to be an adherence 
to that truth. 

He refers to this truth 
not solely as a concept 
but as a being, 
or perhaps more precisely, 
as an I AM. 

Not in the sense of the Christian God, 
but in the sense of being, 
of self-evidence and self-existence, 
of something that couldn't conceivably 
not be. 

Alignment with this truth is, therefore, 
its own form of eternity 
and infinity 
and bliss. 

A vague knowledge of the Hindu entity 
leads me to believe this friend 
would have done well as a Hindu philosopher. 

Many of his intimations, 
on this subject at least, 
trace the edges 
of the edgeless Brahman. 

To me, Brahman seems more philosophical 
than metaphysical. 
It's a commentary on the universe 
and those who live in it. 
A belief that we are, somehow, 
all unique aspects of the same unity, 
and that if we looked past the inaccuracies, 
through the distortions, 
truth and beauty and goodness and bliss 
would underlie us all. 
Different weavings of the same thread. 

One day, I will be joined with this truth. 
And I will realize we were never truly apart. 

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