Sunday School Song – A Poem by Rowe Williams

Jesus loves me.
This I know.
The scars on my neck
tell me so.

I guess God thinks
love should hurt.
So my blood glistened
on my shirt.

Maybe he does
it just for
Me. That must be it.
Give me more.

He knows what I
like. I need
pain to fill my soul,
make me plead.

The Bible says
it's a gift.
I'd never doubt it.
So I lift

up his high Name:
I Will Be
What I Will Be.
Excuse me,

Sir, have you heard?
God is good.
He's coming to your

He is the judge.
His judgment
is just. And he's got
rooms for rent

up in heaven.
People, they're
dying to get in.
A time share

for you? The price
is quite low.
Say "Jesus loves me.
This I know."

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