I Write Poetry – A Poem by Rowe Williams

Just as a warning, this poem has more mature themes than my previous ones. If sexual themes are likely to offend you, you might not like this one. Also, this poem is meant as a reflection on myself, rather than on anyone else.

Hello, nice to meet you.
I am a whore.
Undressed for your pleasure,
Fucked at your leisure.
Do you want to see more?

Don't worry, it's fine...
I want you to see me.
You don't have to love, or be gentle.
Just pay the insurance - I'm only a rental.
C'mon, trust me, it's dreamy.

I want you to want me,
But if you don't that's okay.
I'll fling myself at you,
Give you a clue
About how I can play.

You don't even know who I am.
There're no real names needed.
In a way you know me deeper - 
But I'm still not a keeper.
And now the passion has been depleted.

Sometimes I do wish I was different.
That I didn't need you at all.
That I could self-satisfy,
Or that at least I knew why
I want to hear your cat-call.

Maybe I wanted this - 
Needed it all along.
To open myself up wide,
And let you deep inside.
Don't tell me it's wrong.

'Cause you see, this is right.
I give myself to strangers,
So I can hear what they think.
And for just a moment, we link.
Isn't that worth the dangers?

Someday they'll love me
For more than a night.
They won't just keep me in bed,
Waiting around in case they want head.
My future is bright.

But sweet, sacred love
Has no place here.
Here there's just that streetcar, desire.
Flesh, mind, soul all on fire.
And the fact that you'll leave is my fear.

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