A Time for Poets – A Poem by Rowe Williams

Of all mankind the great poet is the equable man. Not in him but off from him things are grotesque or eccentric or fail of their sanity. Nothing out of its place is good and nothing in its place is bad. He bestows on every object or quality its fit proportions neither more nor less. He is the arbiter of the diverse and he is the key. He is the equalizer of his age and land…

from the Introduction of Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman
Walt Whitman believed in 
"the great poet".
Perhaps more than he believed in
real poets.

He spends a lengthy introduction
discussing the topic,
entwining the poet with
the society that birthed him.

The poet without their society
is a leaf missing its tree.
Whitman believed
in his people, his nation.

The poet was the distilled essence
of that human perfection.
Nothing without it.
Never above it.

The poet is a dream.
A hope that one leaf can
embody not just a tree,
but a forest.

Whitman believed in that dream.
That, somehow, quotidian transcendence
was beauty
and perfection.

That we could see ourselves
and infer the universe.
The soil is good.
The air is pure, the sun bright.

Let us grow.
Let us be the perfection
Whitman believed in.
Let us feel the poetry

flowing in our veins.

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