Reminiscing – A Poem by Rowe Williams

Some days I travel the synapses of time. 
Chemical reactions can occur by enzyme. 

Through lambent memory I travel. 
Hoping only myself will unravel. 

The past is a lonely place. 
I pack it up in a case. 

Some days I pretend that it mattered. 
Refulgent mirror is shattered. 

Some days I pretend it did not. 
A pillar of salt behind Lot. 

Looking back has a price. 
Fingers crushed in a vice. 

I drag it behind me, bridal train. 
SSRIs caress my brain. 

But it is me, my Peter Pan shadow. 
Hot, dripping candle tallow. 

It gathers, coalesces. 
Remorseful killer confesses. 

It fills my throat, suffocates. 
"You should try lifting weights." 

I inhale, try to drown. 
All kings (but one) lose their crown. 

I sit on the edge of life. 
Sharpened edge of knife. 

When will this journey end? 
Will you meet me around the bend?

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