Thinking and Driving – A Poem by Rowe Williams

My car is not old,
but not young either.
Born during that twilight
strange time where
no one cared about
cassette nor Bluetooth.

It only plays CD
(but it can hold six).
Remember when people
actually used CDs?
Now they just joke,
saying "CDs nuts?"

I don't have compact discs;
well, not anymore.
Perhaps they still sell them,
at the store, in those
sections where nobody goes.
Meanwhile I listen to my radio.

I think it's good for me;
something new to hear.
Songs I didn't pick to go
in my ear. It's almost like
I'm a part of the world.
Like it's not passing

me by. I'm not old,
but I don't feel young either.
When I was manufactured
what was I missing?

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