Gone Fishing – A Poem by Rowe Williams

They always say I'm a catch.
Someone's gonna be lucky to have me.
They say I'll find someone and be happy.
One day I'll find a heart that's a match.

It's quite kind, I suppose.
Trying to take the edge off a no.
They take my heart and eat it to-go.
What they say is so on the nose.

What they say - it's all lies.
The next one will say the same.
"You're a great guy, but..." they'll declaim.
They refuse to look in my eyes

And see it was them that I wanted.
Nimby is basically all they're saying.
And I'm the ass, left to my braying.
They feel nice, their courtesy flaunted.

But now my chest is empty
And I am unwanted.

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